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Listed below are the terms and conditions for using the Japan Overseas Cooperative Association (JOCA) website ("the Site" hereinafter), recommended user environment, and points users should keep in mind. Use of this Site constitutes acceptance of and consent to the following terms and conditions.

Terms and Conditions of Use

Limitation on liability

JOCA shall not be liable for any consequences of accessing the Site or using the information provided on the Site.

Copyrights and other rights

Copyrights and other rights to the Site as a whole and any content provided thereon, including, but not limited to, text, graphics (e.g., photographs, videos, figures, and illustrations), and audio are held by JOCA or other parties, including the original copyright holders.

Handling of personal information

JOCA handles personal information in accordance with its Privacy Policy.
Privacy Policy

Prohibited actions

The following actions are prohibited:

  • Actions harmful to the property, rights, reputation, trust in, or privacy of JOCA and others
  • Actions impeding operations on the Site
  • Actions involving the use, transmission, or uploading of harmful computer software or data
  • Actions that violate applicable laws, regulations, and rules
  • Other actions considered inappropriate by JOCA

Changes to the Terms and Conditions of Use

JOCA may revise these Terms and Conditions of Use as it deems necessary, for any reason.

Linking to the Site

Please follow the rules given below when linking to the Site:

  • Please apply in advance before linking to the Site.
    E-mail : tokyo-hq@joca.or.jp
  • Methods of linking such as displaying the site in a frame within another site, which may make it unclear that the Site is operated by JOCA, are prohibited. Please confirm that the link to the Site opens in a new browser window. Linking to individual files on the Site is not permitted.
  • Linking is not permitted from sites that include content defaming JOCA, its products or services, or injurious to trust therein or from sites containing unlawful content.
  • JOCA shall not be liable for any complaints or claims concerning damage to users or third-party websites or hardware damage resulting from use of links or link icons.

 Use of cookies

To provide users with better service, the Site may use cookies to obtain information identifying user computers. Cookies function as follows: When a user first visits the Site, a piece of data (known as a cookie) is transmitted to the user's browser. When the user visits the Site again, the server identifies this repeat visit using cookies. Cookies do not infringe on the privacy of the user and have no deleterious effects on the user's computer. Additionally, cookies cannot be used to determine the identity of a user unless he or she enters personal information on the site. Note that browsers can be configured not to accept cookies.

Access logs

The Site may use access logs to review the state of usage of the Site to provide better services. The Site cannot obtain personal information on users through such logs or activities. Additionally, if a user has configured his or her browser not to accept cookies, no access history can be compiled for that user.

Applicable law

These Terms and Conditions shall be interpreted under Japanese law. The Tokyo District Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction in the event of disputes.

Recommended Environments

Recommended browsers

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or later
  • Mozilla Firefox 3.0 or later
  • Safari 3.0 or later (Macintosh only)


Certain pages on the Site use JavaScript. If JavaScript is disabled in your browser, the Site may not function or display properly. Please enable JavaScript when using the Site.

Style Sheets

Pages on the Site are prepared using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). For optimal viewing of the pages, please enable CSS.

Created: March 31, 2010 


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