October Journal

Week 3: October 6 to 12

Volunteers with their host family

Week 2 of language training: volunteers are now able to talk simple Japanese phrases.

They stay at their host family's house, one day, a volunteer asked her coordinator to push off starting time in the morning. "She may be overworked due to our packed schedule", her coordinator worried and asked the reason. Although, the volunteer replied "I'd like to help my host mother, but my schedule is so much packed and I'm too tired to help her now." She was trying to help her host mother in the morning. Volunteer’s word impressed the coordinator so much.


Salim (3rd from right) visits Mr. Haga


In this week, they made a courtesy visit to the Mayor of Kamaishi city, Mr. Takenori Noda.

Since they start volunteernig from next week, they visited host organisations for the greeting.

Mr. Masahiko Haga, who is a president of an NPO Kirikiri-koku which is located in Otsuchi town, is a former volunteer for Ethiopia. It accepted three volunteers from the 1st batch. This time, a volunteer from Kenya, Salim Seif Kombo is deployed here.

Courtesy call to the Mayor of Kamaishi city, Mr. Noda

a volunteer pays her respect to tsunami victims

Week 5: October 13 to 19

Yemisrach and a participant

Saying goodbye to the Japanese teacher and colleagues of training, seven volunteers will be deployed to their position.

A volunteer from Ethiopia, Yemisrach Gebru Wolde had a cooking event 'Eat the World' for school children.

She is deployed at Kamaishi Scram School which shares study room for school children in temporary houses, because tsunami displaced people live in small temporary houses. So JOCA and Kamaishi Education Board teamed up and started this cram school with former Japanese volunteers for Africa who cares school children.

The school also have event to study the town and society twice a month. Yemisrach introduced food from foreign countries for the children to learn those countries and cocked Japanese style injera and Ethiopian spicy soup. "Spicy, but tasty!” a participant remarked. 

Volunteer from Cameroon, Pauline introduces Africa with a map

Participants and volutneers


Volunteers and students

In Tono-city, two volunteers from Nigeria, Asa Eyo Etim and Ugochukwu Chidievere Nwanya teach at schools to introduce Africa.

They taught at middle school and high school this week. Starting up with African music and dance, they changed the atmosphere of the classroom to African one, and showed their country, Nigeria by showing pictures.

Most Japanese people think Africa is just a country of Safari and wildlife. A student who took their class said 'They showed modern image of Nigeria, that I didn't know before, it changed my stereotyped image of Africa. "

Week 6: October 20 to 26 

In Tono city, Iwate prefecture, Eden Yohannes Yoseph, a volunteer from Ethiopia is now deployed at Tono tourist association to publicise the city to gain more visitors. She started to write a blog 'Nippon according to me'


David dances with children

On the other hand, a Kenyan volunteer is dispatched to Iwanuma.

David Wainaina Kuria and other Japanese former volunteers are deployed at Satomori-Support centre to assist recovery and reconstruction of The Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami. This centre assist Tsunami affected and displaced people living in temporary housing to build a new community and look after the residents not to isolate from it.

David had an event to introduce Kenya and Africa to the residents, and gained more than 30 people. With his African song and dance, people had enjoyable time.
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