The African-World Kids Event--The Splendour of a Fun-Filled Day (20, April 2013)

On 20, April 2013, 3 AU volunteers from Kenya, Rwanda and Mozanbique had event 'African-World' for elementary and junior high school students at educational centre in Kamaishi-city. 

tutor from Africa shows his African dance to children
 Everyone having fun at African-World event

Fond memories are made of phenomenal events as the African World Kids Event. As I retrospect the intensive detail oriented planning prior to the eagerly awaited and anticipated event, I am excited to have seen the fruits of the hard-work put in result in a successful, awesome day.

Time running out on the fun-filled games we had, two small kids refusing to go home and waving goodbye to their parents was just but a tip of the iceberg in explaining how the amazing day we had at the event. From the awesome musical chairs icebreaker to the highly competitive game of naming things written in the 3 languages (Swahili, Kinyarwanda and Portuguese) and finally the intellectual and calm game of identifying flags of African countries, the fun, the joy, the laughter, the sense of competition was overwhelming and filled the room with so much pomp and energy.

scene from African world 

participants looks into the map of Africa
Participants study the map of Africa

The events kicked off with an amazing energy filled ice breaking game of musical chairs which saw one of the youngest girls win the event, her strategy was clear from the beginning, she was out for number 1 and nothing else. We then moved to dividing the participants into 3 groups under the countries of the group leaders forming Team Kenya, Team Mozambique and Team Rwanda each had teams of 6 children. Excitement grew as each team formed their cheer songs, dances and cheers intensifying the already built up competition and energy in the room.

Team-Kenya emerged winners of the first game with a record naming of 12 things correctly, followed by Team-Rwanda with 11 correct naming and Team-Mozambique with 9 correct names. Team-Kenya could not hide the excitement as they broke into an amazing Kenyan-dance to celebrate the victory. The last but not least game of naming African flags was intellectually intense and the teams tried their best to identify the correct names and finally Team-Rwanda emerged winners of the game and took overall 1st position followed by Team-Kenya at a close 2nd and Team-Mozambique as 3rd. The day ended on a high note with presentation of certificates to the 3 teams. The joy and excitement of teamwork and competition, the fun filled games, the happy smiles that characterized the whole event was just amazing as we finished the day.


All team members was given cirtification.

All is well that ends well, this was an auspicious, awesome event. A family day out, a great Saturday play day for the kids, a cool hang out for the junior high school teenagers, an awesome day off work for the parents and an amazing day for the AU-JOCA organizing team. Surely a day still so vivid in mind and surely and surely will be forever be ingrained in our systems.

Report: Lawrence Muli (Volunteer from Kenya)




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