Experience in Japan (Eric Porgo from Brukina faso)


Ever since my discovery of Japan at the age of 9 years old through the word famous-cartoon “Dragon Ball Z”, I have always been fascinated by that country. This fascination intensified during my interaction with Japanese students in the United States and Australia, and as a result, I made Japan a must go destination.

My dream for the discovery of Japan became real on 24th of August 2014, when I landed at Tokyo Nartita Airport. At first, I felt no animosity and along the way to my hotel, I was impressed at the level of cleanliness and the green environment present at all places. This country is clean, I thought.

Beyond evidencing the level of technology advancement of the country, I was mostly impressed by the Japanese culture. As a matter of fact, unlike other countries that I visited, the people of Japan form a united undividable group through shared and common practice values (respect, humility, discipline and so on) that are conserved and pass from one generation to the other. A day does not pass where I don’t experience the kindness of the Japanese people to the point where I sometimes think it is not real. People are always willing to help and are not judgmental on the basis of race, gender, nor country of origin. Japan is definitely a special country.

Likewise, I have also been impressed by the degree of security. I feel as if there are no crimes and frequently asked myself what the police in Japan is for? What the police officers are doing in their offices? Are they bored? These questions kept circulating in my head and are also triggered by peoples’ behavior. It is frequent for Japanese of both gender and different ages to be seen late at night exercising or simply enjoying a ride on their bikes, and even walking. The fear of insecurity does not seem to exist.

To sum up, my experience in Japan has been special because I feel welcome in the country, which facilitates my integration into Japanese society. Unlike other countries I have been, Japan is a safe, and friendly conservative country with strong cultural values that is at the core of its economic and cultural successes. As in any other country, it has its shortcomings such as the level of suicides. I wish this issue will be proactively addressed and seeks to bring my own contribution to end this terrible phenomenon.

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