The best of both worlds (Nelly Farah Nguegan from Cameroon)



I found the opportunity to be a bridge between two worlds through the Japan Overseas Cooperation Association (JOCA). I am coming from Cameroon, the land of Samuel Etoo, Roger Milla to Japan, the country of Sony and Toyota. I feel entrusted of a mission just like an ambassador which may actually be the best way to put it.

I am an African Union Youth Volunteer working as a communication, research and program officer. I will be deployed to the Tono Education and Culture foundation. As a volunteer, I will be assisting in cultural programs whereby I introduce people to Cameroonian culture, public awareness program, and international understanding courses. As an “ambassador of culture” I really look forward to introducing Tono citizens to my culture as well as learning the particularity of Japanese culture.

Volunteering with African Union and JOCA is about bringing out the best of both worlds.


Nelly Farah Nguegan
AU-YVC as Junior Communication Research and Programme Officer

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