Support for JICA volunteer activities

Support for JICA volunteer activities

Support for JICA Volunteer Programs

JOCA provides support for volunteer programs (Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers and Senior Volunteers programs) operated by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), drawing on the field experiences of its former volunteers.

Backup to JICA volunteer programs

 figure:Backup to JICA volunteer programs

Other subcontracting operations involving JICA

picture:Staff members
Global guides are staff members
who help run JICA Global Plaza.

Fiscal 2008 performance

  • Operating the exhibition area at JICA Global Plaza
  • Support for JICA activities for the safety of expatriates
  • Support for the activities of JICA international emergency relief programs
  • Support for development education conducted by regional JICA agencies
  • Support for the activities of the Smile for All in the World project
  • Support activities for JICA youth training

Drawing on the experiences of volunteers to expand volunteer recruitment

Nationwide campaign to support promotion of recruitment (nationwide van tour)

Since March of last year, in response to difficulties attracting volunteers, vans are criss-crossing Japan to promote recruitment, starting in the Kyushu and Tohoku regions. The vans also seek to further understanding of the program through courtesy visits to city, town, and village halls nationwide, visits to related organizations, schools, and other facilities, and special briefings on recruitment. An event planned for fall 2009 will conclude these nationwide van tours.

picture:Courtesy visits
Courtesy visits



Regional volunteer network project

One of the goals of this project is to promote volunteer recruitment while creating opportunities to exchange information based on our special networks built between JOCA and returning volunteers. These efforts draw on these networks and former volunteer associations to enhance communication between former volunteers and local communities through various programs for promotion of community revitalization. (As of May 2009, approximately 3,600 persons had registered for this project.)

We will strengthen these networks with the goal of assignment of former volunteers as regional supporters in municipalities across Japan.

 figure:Regional volunteer network project

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