International cooperation activities

International cooperation activities

Kanagawa forestry permanent volunteer project

In Kanagawa Prefecture, damage attributable to inadequate stewardship and various other factors, including blight, is advancing across the forests that make up nearly 40 percent of the prefecture's total area. In response, Kanagawa Prefecture has announced a 50-year vision for reforestation, pledging to work with Prefecture residents to develop its forest resources that are critical to water supply. As a group of individuals with overseas experience as volunteers, JOCA is currently seeking to give back to society through participation in a Kanagawa forestry permanent volunteer project that forms part of these efforts.

Cooperation with associations composed of former JOCV volunteers

Across Japan, there are currently more than 70 associations of former JOCV volunteers who have worked for various projects in various countries, each taking part in unique efforts based on their strengths. In cooperation with these associations, JOCA provides support for various activities through the provision and exchange of information, and also participates in joint projects.

Promoting education on the experience of living abroad

The program of education on the experience of living abroad advocated and promoted by JOCA allows participants to give back to society based on their experiences as overseas volunteers. The program is intended to contribute to world peace by encouraging participants to consider and discuss the multifarious ways in which individuals live around the world. JOCA's activities include the development, sale, and lending of teaching materials, dispatch of instructors, and hosting of various seminars.

Support for JICA development education

A JICA essay contest on international cooperation for middle- and high-school students

This contest for middle- and high-school students is intended to deepen understanding of current conditions in developing countries and the need for international cooperation. The contest seeks to prompt students to consider what contributions Japan can make within international society and what actions they should take as individuals. The number of entries in this contest, undertaken with the full cooperation of cooperative associations and the associations of former JOCV volunteers in each prefecture, has grown year after year.

Visiting lectures on JICA international cooperation

Primarily for teachers, JOCA organizes overseas training trips scheduled for times of the year like summer vacations as well as meetings in which participants report on classroom practices.

Administration of JICA Global Plaza

The Hiroo JOCV training facility was reborn in April 2006 as JICA Global Plaza, a center for international cooperation based on citizen participation. As global guides, JOCA staff members handle various tasks, including facility administration and visitor hosting.

Support for trainee acceptance

JOCA invitation program for foreign youth to Japan

This international exchange program welcomes foreign staff members from JICA local offices where volunteers have worked to renew old acquaintances with former volunteers and to deepen their understanding of Japan.

JICA training program for youth leaders (subcontracted to JICA)

As a cooperating organization, JOCA operates a program that accepts youth from around the world to provide more effective technical training as part of a JICA youth training program.

Support for internationalization by local governments

Management and operation of the Urayasu International Center in Chiba Prefecture

This complex opened in April 2006 in front of Shin-Urayasu Station in Chiba Prefecture. As the designated manager of this facility, which serves as a base for international exchange and cooperation in the city of Urayasu, JOCA has handled facility management and operations since April 2006.

Overview of facilities  Reception/consultation desk, rental seminar rooms, exhibition spaces, library, kitchen
Location Second Floor, Mare Building, Shin-Urayasu Ekimae Plaza
2-1 Irifune 1-chome, Urayasu, Chiba Prefecture 279-0012, Japan
Contact Tel. : +81-47-306-5181 / Fax : +81-47-306-5182


Management and operation of the Kagoshima Asia-Pacific Intercultural Countryside Center 

JOCA handles the management and operation of the Kagoshima Asia-Pacific Intercultural Countryside Center, a joint project involving JOCA, the Japan Overseas Cooperative Association of Kyushu, and the Kagoshima Prefecture Association of Former JOCA Volunteers. (Planned for 2006-2008)

Overview of facilities  Lodging, training facilities
Location 3811-1 Kamitakakuma-cho, Kanoya, Kagoshima Prefecture 893-0131, Japan
Contact Tel.: +81-994-45-3288 / Fax : +81-994-45-3258


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